My Journey

Coming from a family with major medical issues – diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, I didn't want this to be my future. I thought I beat my genetics and was in good shape until I gained 30 pounds... I said it snuck up on me but looking back - my weight was obvious to my husband and family. I was constantly tired and lacking the energy needed for my busy lifestyle. I tried so many diets that I was left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. With the support of my Health Coach and my husband, I lost 30 pounds and now have the energy to enjoy my family activities; entertaining, paddle boarding, biking and long walks. My personal health transformation and desire to help others led me to make the decision to pay it forward and become a Health Coach. I am committed to helping others reach their health goals and enjoy a healthy active lifestyle.


In Clinical study, the group on the Optimal Weight 5 and I lost 10x more weight than the self-directed group. Average wight loss on the Optimal Weight and I lost 12 pounds. 


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